Dota 2 matchmaking scandal

Malaysian talent is rising up the MMR rankings.

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Malaysian talent is rising swiftly in Dota 2: Unity and the new Mineski-X roster who have both taken on established teams in the South East Asian scene, and have done incredibly well. Unity took down plenty of top teams during the Manila Major SEA qualifier group stages, while the Malaysian arm of the Filipino organisation fought valiantly through to the Shanghai Major main qualifiers. When he was added to the roster of South East Asia juggernauts, Fnatic , he had already achieved a hefty 7, MMR , and since joining the team, he has gone from strength to strength.

Power Gaming — ddz.

The matchfixing, which involved the talented Arrow Gaming roster has left ddz with an indefinite ban from Valve events. His skill has never been in question, though: They have a process in place which allows them to investigate further than tournament organizers are able to, including having access to IP addresses and various account information.

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Valve have been fully cooperative with ProDota Cup and have gathered all necessary pieces of evidence. Upon completing their investigation, Valve have reported to Manuelson that there was no evidence to support match-fixing practices and that they would not be issuing any restrictions or bans on the teams or players in question.

SmAsH: “It was a huge sacrifice to be a pro Dota 2 player in Peru back in the day”

Valve have completed their review of the situation and have concluded that there is not sufficient evidence to indicate that any of the teams or players were involved in match-fixing. While the game play and some of the supporting documentation of bet suggestions are questionable, the investigation did not identify any cheating practices.


Some organizations, such as Flipsid3 Tactics, have implemented strict no gambling policies for all staff and players. Those policies have been put into effect after numerous bans on CS: Only logged users could leave a reply.

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Featured Posts Dota 2 Patch: MatchMaking update 0 comments. Why do people want to boost mmr in dota 2? Tired of trash and toxic players Well, you will meet such players on any level.

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