Dating a guy who earns less than you

When couples have more similar incomes, the power to make decisions on issues that really matter to families is more evenly shared between husband and wife.

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Can you explain the theory that people get married as an opportunity to consume more? This is an important story because it goes a long way in explaining why we continue to marry despite the fact that the historic advantage of marriage — to allow one person to specialize in earning income while the other person specialized in caring for the family — is no longer the norm.

Now people marry because marriage makes it possible to both consume more goods and services, and to derive more happiness from that joint consumption.

Caution! Women Who Make More Money than their Husband's

I like to think of marriage like taking a trip to Italy — not only is it cheaper for two people to go together than it is for two people to go alone, but generally that experience is also more enjoyable when it is shared. Any divorced parent can attest that raising children, as an example, is less expensive if there is one household rather than two and most will agree that sharing the experience of having children with a partner is better than doing it alone.

If maximum consumption is the primary issue, does it still matter whether the male or female partner is bringing home most of the bacon?

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It only matters in that failing to conform to social norms makes people uncomfortable. In Canada today, for every male students in university there are about female students; the gender imbalance has favoured women for the last three decades. Increasing female education levels, along with the narrowing of the gender wage gap, means that in the future more and more marriages will be one in which the female partner brings home most of the bacon.

How to make your relationship work if your partner makes less money than you

Can you explain how the educational divide between men and women might influence future pairings? You can probably tell that when it comes to the future of marriage I am an optimist. Economic forces are changing the way that we organize our relationships and eventually social norms will adapt in the sense that couples will be free of the constraints of traditional gender roles and other preconceptions about suitable pairings.

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