Dating persian rugs

There is also the situation of a rug weaver copying a date from an older rug, or in more modern times, intentionally "pre-dating" a rug in order to create an instant antique oriental rug. Much more commonly dates are altered by Oriental rug dealers in order to add age and perceived value.

Examine the Weaving Style

A small part of the Oriental rug is rewoven to add a date, or a numeral or two of an existing date is rewoven to adding to the apparent age of the rug. Sometimes this only requires the replacement of just a few knots. The widespread practice is somewhat analogous to pouring cheap Scotch into a good bottle.

Deceit runs deep in the Oriental rug business but thoroughness does not always follow so it is possible to detect the alterations by close inspection. Sometimes, merely taking a photograph of the date in the rug will reveal the color discrepancies inherent in a sloppy alteration.

A most useful tool is a "black light" for detecting this very common form of treachery. When the light is shined upon an altered date, the different wool yarns will usually show very clearly. Anytime an altered date is encountered, one can be fairly sure that the dealer is well aware of it. Unfortunately it is probably impossible to prove that the Oriental rug dealer attempting to sell you the bogus rug is the crook that in fact altered the date. There is little consequence for the dealer's dishonesty and that partially explains the widespread practice.

When one finds a date that is thought to be reliable it is still necessary to convert the Islamic date into the Georgian date.

The formulas are described below:. Islamic Dates in older Oriental rugs Oriental rugs woven and dated in the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries almost always used the Islamic lunar calendar. To convert an Islamic lunar date into the Christian or Georgian date, use this formula:. Because the lunar year is slightly shorter than the solar year, there is an extra one every It is thereby necessary to divide the Islamic lunar by A rug date of "" converts like this: Islamic lunar date of minus 38 divided by Islamic Dates in NEWER Carpets There can be confusion introduced by some weaving countries switching from a "lunar" calendar to a "solar" calendar in the 's.

Because the lunar year is slightly shorter than the solar year, a conversion factor would need to be applied to convert an Islamic lunar calendar date to the corresponding Georgian date. The tag on the back says Iran, wool pile. The warp and weft are both wool, the weft being twisted red and warp twisted grey strands. From your description I believe the selvage is the multi-color barber pole type.

Last week I sent photos of a 12 x 15 oriental rug I inherited. I need help with identification! Did you receive my email? Richard, I loved the article and learned a lot from it! It made me want to learn more about antique oriental rugs. If you have any articles or books you could recommend, I would love to read them.

Thank you so much for all your help!

The back looks a bit weird can I email you some pics for you opinion? I found this rug at a community sale. It looks hand woven and old. It appears to be wool on wool with fringed ends. All the colors are soft and seem to be naturally dyed. All the designs are geometrical. Can I send a photo? How do I send a photo? Russell, you can attach a photo to an email to expert internetrugs. While cleaning my rug, I noticed it looked more worn.

I have often thought about where it came from and wondered about the age. I purchased it about 20 years ago at an antique auction in Ruston, LA. I began a search and came across your website with so much information. I would appreciate any information you might have time to share. I will forward photos as well.

Determine the Type of Rug

Thank you for your time. We have an old oriental rug about 9X12 size which was in the family. Having moved to FL recently, we found there is no where in our house to put it. I would like to identify it so we can sell it knowledgeably. If I email you a picture of it, is it possible to provide some information at least based upon what you see? If so, where might I email you? Hello, I have 7 very old oriental rugs that have been in my family for more than 60 years. I would like to know their values. Some must go since we are now downsizing and will not be able to use them.

May I send photos? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t Sweep it Under: Best Practices for Valuing Oriental Rugs

I sent an email, would appreciate any help I can get. This rug I bought at an auction and giving as a gift to my Mother for Christmas. Please look at your email and assist. Such an array of so many rich colors as well.

IRAN - The roots of the Persian rug

To first give you the history,which make it intriguing to me. I would really like to find out everything i can about this carpet but have no idea how to start. To clarify fist there is no interest in selling this carpet, we just want to know everything we can about where it came from,age,values,etc. I hope that you can help me to idendify a rug and approximate value. I have photos to help. I have been told it is of Indian origin and has been in the family for at least 20 years.

25 Oriental Rug Identification Tools

I just sent you some photos of a rug that my mother recently gave me. A family friend gave it to her about 35 years ago.

It has no tags so I have no idea on its origin. It has what looks like birds and deer and looks to be handmade. Any information you can provide on it would be much appreciated. Hello, I have a rug that I think is Persian. My brother had bought it in Kuwait when he was stationed there in the armed forces back during the Golf War.

He gave it to me but I have no information on it. It is in excellent condition too. Hope to hear from him soon as I would like to sell it. I have a rug I just purchased at auction. There are two tags attached to the back. Would love to know more about it. Would it be ok if I sent several pictures? I sent you several pictures of a rug I purchased 14 years ago from a classified ad in Huntsville, AL.

I think it is beautiful and would like to know the origin of the rug and any additional information you can give me. Tanks for your help! Wow, a lot of information above. More pictures would really have helped a novice like me. I have several persian rugs or thereabouts that I would like to know more about. I know all of these were purchased in Iran before Thank you for your information. It was very useful. I recently purchased a rug that is in need of repair from a antique shop. I love the colors, size, and design of the rug, which remind me of a Floral Persian Sarouk rug.

Hello I have searched to try and find information about my rug, but I cannot even get close to its country of origin can you please help? The rug features hunters on horse back with spears, Lions, goats, and Lamas or Alpacas. Also there are hunters on foot whom seem to be carrying rifles? Any assistance would be greatfuly appreciated. By learning a few key industry terms, you could become a savvier and more satisfied rug shopper. Some even have up to two letters in front of them.

Hi Richard I have been reading your articles and every single comment from everybody for the past 7 hours! Articles such as Where are oriental Rugs made.. Oriental rug care etc…Anyhow I noticed in when you were very active responding to everybody and even looking at the pictures they sent you and helping them out.. After several hours I got tired of hearing everybody ask you for help.. There were people asking for help to 1 saying thanks for the article.. I even noticed people becoming agitated that you did not get back to them fast enough.

As you mentioned you were doing it for FREE! I need you to know that you was and are very much appreciated for the generosity you have given out of the kindness of your heart and passion Shared with all of us..

How to Tell the Age of a Persian Carpet

I do admit once I seen that there was somebody intelligent in this area I hoped to ask you about mine as well but after reading you this 1 person trying to feed a pack of hungry people my concern is not the rug I have anymore but to just let you know how grateful people like myself are to have learned many very good things from you.. I also thought maybe if you charged even 5 dollars for your honest opinion it would help you out a ton. Again I know you were doing it for a different reason but it is something to consider ;.. My heart goes out to you and again thankyou so much for the information you have provided all of us for the past 7 years..

If theres anything I can do to return the help you provided me feel free to contact me anytime at shondacastro34 gmail. These days people just email me and I answer as I can. I would never charge for sharing the education I have been honored to have learned being involved in this business for these last 20 years. Strange that I studied psychology with an emphasis on autism in college. My biggest gripe, and I share it only with you you in this public forum, is this.

What is monetary value? In most cases the monetary value of a hand made carpet is far from its intrinsic value. I concur with Shonda and yourself. I can see that value for insurance purposes is important to some, but it by no means describes the worth of a rug. Yesterday I purchased a rug I fell in love with on the internet. It appears to be in perfect condition except for the fringe, which I will probably turn under and carefully hand sew a cotton canvas protector over.

I agree with Shonda and S Dean on how generous you are with your time and knowledge, obviously gained through much experience and study of these beautiful rugs. Please reply to my email: M2 worsted wool extra fine superior rug others numbers are ? Amazing for you to go to the trouble of identifying rugs for people online, I have noticed all sorts of Questions from area to price that people are asking, I have sent an email and photo to find out where it is from I am about to buy tomorrow!

Than you for your kindness in doing this, you are doing such a great service Carole. Learn these tips and tricks and you too can identify Oriental rugs. Tabriz carpet in stock. Old Kermans like this one are distinguished by their purplish red, dyed from cochineal. Other old Shiraz-district rugs do not.

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