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She was hesitant, until Lucky promised that he would go to New York with her. Lucky surprised Elizabeth when he bought her a new dress and hinted at a big Valentine's Day surprise. When Valentine's Day arrived, Lucky took Elizabeth to a romantic empty church and they vowed to love each other forever. Their love met an untimely end when a devastated Elizabeth learned that Lucky had been killed in a fire. As Elizabeth continued to grieve, she went to Jake's and found trouble in the form of a male patron who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jason Morgan rushed to her rescue, and she ended up confiding her troubles to him. Jason also found it easy to talk to Elizabeth and both were comfortable with their easy rapport. Elizabeth assisted Jason after he was shot and she took Jason to her studio. She arranged for his care and allowed him to stay at her studio until he recovered. A close friendship developed between them until Jason realized that he had placed Elizabeth in danger. A bomb had been placed in Elizabeth's studio. It was defused in time but Jason refused to allow harm to come to her and he left Port Charles. Elizabeth's life took another unexpected twist when Nikolas gave her the shocking news that Lucky was in fact alive.

When an overjoyed Elizabeth finally was face-to-face with Lucky, he wasn't the same person he had been before the fire. Every time Elizabeth reached out to him, he would push her away, but Elizabeth felt in her heart that Lucky still loved her. In time, Lucky realized something was wrong with his mind, but still didn't know that Helena had brainwashed him. Elizabeth witnessed Helena using her trigger phrase on Lucky and realized he was under her spell. Lucky then started seeing Kevin Collins in an effort to erase the hold Helena had over him.

With Lucky seemingly out from under Helena's spell, he and Elizabeth were free to express their real feelings for one another. Around the same time, Lucky talked Elizabeth into becoming a model for his mother's company, Deception Cosmetics. Elizabeth battled Gia Campbell for the position and Gia won the position. When Jason Morgan returned to town, Elizabeth couldn't seem to stay away from him, much to Lucky's dismay.

Eventually, Elizabeth did refocus on Lucky but he was under Helena's control once more. This time, Helena proved too powerful, and she was able to successfully erase all of Lucky's memories of loving Elizabeth. Helena feared that Elizabeth's love for Lucky would be too strong and she planned to have Elizabeth killed. However, Elizabeth learned of the plans and took a drug which simulated death. Sonny helped her leave town undetected. When it was safe for her to return, she reunited with Lucky and they planned an impromptu wedding.

Her dreams were dashed when she realized at the altar that Lucky had never regained his feelings for her. Lucky again convinced Elizabeth to try to start over. Soon after, Sarah returned and Elizabeth was involved in a car accident that threatened her life. Gia, who was involved with Nikolas, was at fault but Elizabeth had no memory of it.

Nikolas and Gia moved Elizabeth into Wyndemere to recover, while trying to ensure Elizabeth never remembered Gia's role in the accident. Meanwhile Lucky and Sarah continued to grow closer, and developed feelings for one another. Elizabeth remembered the truth about the accident and was devastated that Nikolas and Gia had conspired to keep Elizabeth the truth from her in an effort to protect Gia.

To make matters worse, Elizabeth walked in on Lucky making love to Sarah. Elizabeth felt betrayed by everyone in her life and became reckless. Around this time, Zander Smith had a falling out with his employer, Sonny Corinthos. As a lesson, Zander was given a harsh beating by Sonny's enforcer Jason. Elizabeth found Zander and took him back to her loft to recuperate. Soon after, Elizabeth was kidnapped by Sonny's enemies and Zander was captured as well during his attempt to rescue her.

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They bonded and remained close after they were rescued and Zander's feelings toward her turned romantic. They spent one night together but afterwards Elizabeth realized she only felt friendship because her heart belonged to Jason. Jason was hurt when he found Elizabeth and Zander together but helped Zander escape Sonny's wrath. Upon Elizabeth's request, Jason got Zander out of town.

Afterwards Elizabeth and Jason tried to make a relationship work but Elizabeth believed she could not trust Jason after he lied to her about Sonny's supposed death. She was hurt when Jason moved on with Sonny's half-sister Courtney but was flattered by the attention she received from Sonny's half-brother Ric Lansing. Ric resented that his mother had chosen to raise Sonny but left Ric with his father Trevor. Ric had an agenda and Elizabeth wondered if she was part of his plan for revenge. He swore that his feelings for her were the one genuine part of his life.

Elizabeth chose to believe Ric but was unaware of his involvement with mobster Faith Roscoe. Faith and Ric shared a desire to take Sonny down and they became lovers. Ric's heart remained with Elizabeth but Faith wanted Ric for herself and was willing to do whatever it took to remove Elizabeth from his life. She set a snake loose in Elizabeth's studio and Elizabeth was bitten. She recovered and learned that she was pregnant.

Ric and Elizabeth were closer than ever, and with a baby on the way, they married immediately. Faith could see that the obstacle Elizabeth created was compounding, so Faith shoved Elizabeth down a staircase, causing Elizabeth to miscarry her child. Ric found out that Elizabeth had been talking to Sonny just before her fall down the stairs, and Ric decided that Sonny was responsible for the loss of their child. Ric bought a house to share with his new bride, but didn't bother telling Elizabeth that it had with a secret panic room. As Elizabeth grieved for her unborn child, Ric secretly made plans to give Elizabeth the child Sonny's wife Carly was carrying.

He kidnapped Carly and kept her in the panic room. To ensure that Elizabeth did not become pregnant again, he secretly gave her birth control pills. Monitors inside the panic room allowed Carly to view what went on in the house and she believed she was going to be rescued after Elizabeth discovered the secret button for the panic room door. Elizabeth was floored to discover Ric's shocking secret, and suffered an embolism from the birth control pills before she could notify anyone.

Ric returned home in time to lock Carly up once again and take Elizabeth to the hospital. Elizabeth remembered seeing Carly and told the police about what Ric had done, but by then, Lorenzo had moved Carly. Ric tried desperately to prove his love to Elizabeth, but she refused to believe him. During the aftermath of Elizabeth's marriage to Ric, her closest friend, Emily Quartermaine, battled cancer. Jason and Elizabeth supported one another which evoked jealousy from Jason's wife Courtney. While high on painkillers, Courtney ran Elizabeth down with her car but fled the scene immediately.

Elizabeth was temporarily blinded and Ric tried to win her back. He vowed to prove to her that he had changed and took a position as the Assistant District Attorney. Elizabeth was determined to move on from Ric and found company with Zander. He was dealing with his breakup with Emily and Elizabeth spent one night in Zander's arms. Ric and Elizabeth did eventually work their way back to each other, but their reunion was marred by the news that Elizabeth was pregnant with Zander's child. Ric and Elizabeth married again, and Ric intended to raise the child as his own, but they decided to tell Zander beforehand to hopefully dissuade any problems that Zander might bring in the future.

Zander agreed to let them raise the child. He was later believed to have died in the Port Charles Hotel fire but had, in fact, survived. He kidnapped Emily and tried to get her to run away with him and was shot to death by the police. Early into the marriage, Elizabeth realized that Ric still harbored an obsession to see Sonny punished. She decided they could never be happy and she divorced Ric.

Elizabeth left town to have her baby and returned a few months later with a son named Cameron and a plan to become a nurse. She also reconnected with Lucky and they fell in love again. Their romance was not all bliss as Lucky was gravely injured trying to save Emily from Helena's homicidal intents.

He lingered in a coma for some time but eventually woke up and made a full recovery. Elizabeth and Lucky decided to move in together but faced financial difficulties. Lucky had recently joined the police force while Elizabeth became a student nurse with a child to support. Elizabeth found a solution to their financial woes. She had learned that Jax and Courtney were looking for a surrogate to carry their child.

Lucky was initially reluctant. He didn't like the idea of Liz carrying another man's child but eventually he agreed. They moved forward with their plans but hit a snag when Courtney learned that her eggs were not viable. Elizabeth agreed to donate her own egg for the in vitro-fertilization procedure. Lucky was even more uncomfortable with the idea but supported Elizabeth's decision anyway.

Liz conceived, and all were happy until Courtney started feeling left out by the process. She turned to Nikolas Cassadine, whose own marriage was under strain. As Courtney and Jax grew further apart, Jax began paying more and more attention to Liz. Lucky resented Jax throwing his money around and showering Elizabeth and Cam with gifts. Things became worse after Courtney and Nikolas engaged in an affair. Elizabeth balked at the idea of handing her child over to a broken home.

Lucky supported her decision to raise the child but the concept was moot after Elizabeth was involved in a car accident and suffered a miscarriage. Elizabeth was devastated over the loss of her child. Lucky was a source of strength for her, and they fell deeper in love. When Elizabeth and Lucky decided to get married, Emily and Nikolas stepped in. Emily and Nikolas insisted on throwing the couple a lavish wedding. Lucky and Elizabeth were married in a beautiful ceremony at Wyndemere.

Their marriage would be a happy one for a short time, but Lucky would not live up to his name. He was injured in the line of duty several times and hospitalized. Lucky and Elizabeth soon found themselves drowning in debt once again. After suffering a debilitating spinal injury, Lucky began depending on his morphine more than he should. Within a short time, he became addicted to the drug.

He hid his dependency, but those close to him began to suspect something was wrong with him. Lucky believed Elizabeth was having an affair with Dr. Patrick had found Elizabeth a part-time job as a private nurse so that she could earn more money to pay down their debt. Patrick was also helping Elizabeth study to become a surgical nurse so that she could make more money within the field of nursing. As Lucky's addiction grew, his jealousy grew as well. He resented Elizabeth working additional jobs behind his back and he starting using hydrocodone after he was released from the hospital.

Maxie Jones, the girlfriend of Lucky's recently murdered partner, Jesse Bodine, recognized Lucky's addiction. She'd always had a crush on Lucky and found a way to get closer to him. She began stealing drugs for him, pretending to understand that he needed it for his pain but wasn't addicted. Soon, Maxie had Lucky where she wanted him. Lucky was dependent on her to supply him with drugs and she began withholding them for sex. Elizabeth was blind to what was going on and was unknowingly doing more harm than good.

In an effort to salvage Lucky's pride and protect him from harm, she asked Jason to help Lucky make a good bust. She was convinced that all Lucky needed was an opportunity to feel successful again. Jason agreed, but things didn't go as planned. Lucky was high on drugs and nearly got himself killed during the stakeout.

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Jason saved Lucky's life and shot the suspect, who was rushed to General Hospital. Lucky had no idea that Jason had been there. He was so high that he believed he had shot the suspect himself. Things became even more strained though. Lucky received a commendation for his big arrest but missed the party thrown in his honor because he was with Maxie. Elizabeth found Maxie and Lucky in bed together and confronted her husband. He promised to clean up his act but Maxie made sure that Elizabeth found them together again. Heartbroken over Lucky's betrayal, Elizabeth turned to Jason, who had just discovered his girlfriend Sam in the arms of Ric.

As they talked, Liz and Jason began revisiting the past and their feelings. Jason reached out to Elizabeth, and they ended up giving in to the attraction that they'd always fought. They made love several times that night. The next morning, Elizabeth thanked Jason for being there for her but told him that she couldn't be with him again. She had her son Cameron to think about and didn't want him exposed to Jason's life. Jason understood and respected her decision.

She went home to pack her things and found a note from Lucky. He had decided to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Elizabeth realized that Lucky deserved another chance. She told Jason that she intended to stay with Lucky but felt it was best that he not learn of the night they had shared. She wanted Lucky to focus on his recovery. Jason understood and wished Liz well.

Sadly, Lucky's recovery would be short-lived. Learning that his baby sister, Lulu, was pregnant and intent on having an abortion sent him back to Maxie, who was waiting for him with pills. Things went from bad to worse when Elizabeth found some pills on the living room floor. Realizing that Cam could have found them and taken them, Elizabeth knew she could no longer stay with Lucky. She told Nikolas that she was leaving Lucky. Nikolas raced over to Maxie's apartment at Kelly's to pull Lucky out of her bed and let him know what was going on. Lucky went home to stop Elizabeth from leaving, and they ended up in a terrible fight.

Elizabeth was knocked to the floor when Lucky tried to physically keep her from leaving. Nikolas walked in just at that moment and raced to her aid. Elizabeth moved in with Audrey and filed for divorce. It was around that time that Elizabeth learned that Lulu had gotten pregnant from defective Enduro condoms manufactured by ELQ.

She took a pregnancy test after she realized that she and Jason had also used the defective condoms. The test confirmed that she was pregnant and she realized that Jason could be the father. Before she could decide what to do, Elizabeth ended up being nearly shot when Lucky stole drugs from the police lockup and tried to frame Jason. Furious with Lucky's recklessness, Elizabeth let it slip that she was pregnant.

Lucky immediately assumed the child was his. He vowed to get clean for the baby and checked himself into rehab. Jason quickly realized that he could be the father of the baby, too, and asked Elizabeth. She admitted that there was a possibility. Jason offered to marry her regardless of whether the baby was his or not. Elizabeth pointed out that he was in love with Sam still and would not be happy tied to her and the children. She also knew that Jason wanted to reconcile with Sam.

They decided to put off making any plans until they knew for certain the paternity. While Elizabeth awaited the results of the test, Jason reconciled with Sam and she accused Elizabeth of using the baby to get Jason. Sonny and Carly learned of the pregnancy as well and Sonny was present when Elizabeth received the test results. He misread her reaction and incorrectly assumed that Lucky was the father. Elizabeth decided it was best for everyone if she allowed them to believe that the child was Lucky's.

Elizabeth kept her secret until the Metro Court hostage crisis. When the police stormed the building with smoke bombs and the gunmen detonated explosives, Jason was on hand to sweep Elizabeth up in his arms and whisk her to safety. They ended up in an elevator, where they were trapped for a period of time. Elizabeth decided to tell Jason the truth; that the baby she was carrying was his. He'd never been able to look at her advancing pregnancy without feeling pangs of regret that he wasn't the child's father. Both Elizabeth and Jason decided it would be best to tell Lucky and Sam the truth about the paternity but neither could find the words.

Eventually they decided the let Lucky raise the child as his. Elizabeth and Jason agreed it would be safer for the baby and cause less pain to those that they loved. What they failed to realize was that the emotional bonds growing between them were not going to go away. Elizabeth went ahead and married Lucky while Jason tried to make it work with Sam.

Things were not going well. Sam was more determined than ever to find a way to have a child, despite being told that she would not be able to bear a child. Fearing she would lose Jason without a family, Sam began looking into other ways options. It was around that time that Elizabeth gave birth to her son. Elizabeth went into labor alone at home but Jason stopped by and rushed her to the hospital. She underwent emergency surgery and asked Jason to step forward and claim his child if anything happened to her. Then she slipped into a coma. Just as Jason prepared to raise the baby, Elizabeth woke up.

She named her son Jacob Martin and Jason was touched that she had intentionally given her child his initials. Unbeknownst to them, Sam overheard their conversation. Sam's pain and fury grew as each day passed. Her resentment of Elizabeth consumed her until one day she happened upon Elizabeth and her children in the park. Sam watched a bereaved mother kidnap Jake and she allowed it to happen. He worked with Amelia to find Jake and was disgusted to learn of Sam's knowledge of the kidnapping. Jake's kidnapping pushed Elizabeth and Lucky farther apart. During the crisis, Lucky had questioned Elizabeth's competency as a mother and afterwards he was jealous that Jason had rescued their child.

Against Lucky's wishes, Elizabeth visited Jason in jail. When Jason was on trial for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar, Elizabeth was called to testify. Under oath, she was forced to admit that she and Jason had slept together but insisted under oath that Lucky was her child's father.

It was the beginning of the end for Lucky and Elizabeth's marriage. She could no longer lie to herself about her feelings for Jason, but she was determined to stay in her marriage. Guilt over hurting Lucky and fear of Jake being exposed to the dangers of Jason's life kept her in the marriage.

Lucky sensed that her heart wasn't in it, and his resentment toward her grew. Sam, meanwhile, was determined to make Elizabeth pay for stealing Jason's heart and getting away with her paternity lie. She began cozying up to Lucky, showering him with praise and attention. Lucky soaked it up like a sponge, and before long, he was fighting his attraction to Sam. Her plans to destroy Elizabeth's marriage were going well.

Lucky grew frustrated and turned to Sam. When Elizabeth learned of their involvement, she was forced to admit that she was in love with Jason and that her marriage to Lucky was over. Jason, too, admitted that he was in love with Elizabeth. Despite their feelings, though, they realized that they faced the same obstacles. Being together meant exposing both Cam and Jake to the dangers of Jason's life. Elizabeth found a place of her own and decided to raise her sons as a single mother.

She was awarded custody of her children in the divorce but she allowed Lucky to visit the children as he wished. Sam was not satisfied. She was frustrated that Liz always managed to get her way. She was determined that Lucky should learn the truth about Jake. While a homicidal maniac terrorized the guests on Spoon Island who were stranded there in a violent storm and no power, Sam forced the issue. She was screaming at Elizabeth, insisting Elizabeth tell Lucky the truth. By that time, Elizabeth had learned that not only had Sam witnessed Jake's kidnapping and done nothing but that she had later hired two goons to terrorize Elizabeth and the kids in the park one day.

As the two women argued, Jason walked in and decided to tell Lucky the truth about Jake. As the night of the party drew to a close, Elizabeth learned that her best friend, Emily, had been murdered. She and Jason went to help Nik, who refused to allow anyone to move Emily's body. At Emily's funeral, Elizabeth gave her best friend a touching eulogy and then went home to an empty house -- or so she thought. Jason was there, waiting for her in the dark.

They didn't say anything. They just held each other and then went upstairs to her bedroom and made love. Jason and Elizabeth talked about their deep love, but both realized that they faced many obstacles, starting with Lucky. He insisted on remaining Jake's father, claiming that if Elizabeth really cared for her children, she would agree to keep the secret in order to keep them safe.

He also insisted that she stay away from Jason. Liz admitted that she was in love with Jason but agreed that Lucky was still the safer choice. She was willing to go along with Lucky's terms but doesn't have much confidence that they would be successful in keeping the lie. Too many people knew the truth about Jake's paternity. However, Liz and Jason couldn't stay apart. They continued to meet in secret and then finally decided to go public with their relationship. Liz happily accepted Jason's proposal of marriage, but within hours, the engagement was over when Jason learned that Michael had been shot in the head by a stray bullet meant for Sonny.

Michael lingered in a coma and then was eventually moved to a long-term care facility while Elizabeth and Jason struggled with their decision to stay apart for the sake of the children. Elizabeth and Jason finally realized that they could never be a family after Russian mobsters kidnapped Jake while Liz and Sam were trapped in a cabin. In May , it was confirmed that Herbst would take medical leave, due to viral meningitis. The role was temporarily portrayed by actress Martha Madison , known for her role as Belle Black on Days of our Lives , from June 8—20, , [23] with Herbst returning on June 21, In March , it was confirmed by Soap Opera Digest that Herbst had renewed her contract to continue performing in her role as Elizabeth.

In February , Daytime Confidential reported that contract negotiations between Herbst and the show had reached a stalemate, also that Days of Our Lives has expressed interest in hiring Herbst possibly as the potential replacement for Kate Mansi , who had vacated the role of Abigail Deveraux. In March , after the contract negotiation issues, it was confirmed by Soap Opera Digest that Herbst had renewed her contract with "GH".

It was also revealed by Herbst via Soap Opera Digest , that due to contract negotiations going right up until the last minute, they had to stop writing for her for a little while so her character went on a brief hiatus on April 5, [31] and she made her onscreen return on May 4, Elizabeth is initially characterized as a rebellious teenager, who complains about having to be compared to her perfect sister.

Herbst reflected in on her character's introduction: But that is because she was hurt since her parents pretty much abandoned her. So her frustration, anger and snottiness came from being misguided. Elizabeth's character drastically changes after she is raped in February Following the assault, she becomes timid and scared, not wanting to leave the house.

Lucky then Jackson is one of the only people she opens up to, and he helps her to slowly recover. Elizabeth goes through the stages of denial, anger, and eventual acceptance. Although she heals, her character is never the same. General Hospital writers brought the character of Elizabeth Webber to Port Charles at the age of fourteen. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Steve Hardy , one of General Hospital' s original characters, and the daughter of Dr. She is said to have lived in Boulder, Colorado with her parents and her older sister, Sarah Webber. While growing up in Boulder, Elizabeth said that she never received as much attention as her sister did and always rebelled and got into trouble.

Elizabeth started acting out, however, and left Boulder at only 14 to move to Port Charles with her sister and grandmother. After dealing with her rape at the age of 15, her character is never the same. Elizabeth was able to reform herself as a kind, compassionate, and mature person. She has become a much more confident and level-headed person who has learned from her mistakes throughout the years. By , she has finally figured out who she is and what she wants out of life; her boys are first and currently she is in a committed relationship with Franco , who puts her and her boys first.

She was best friends with Dr. Britt Westbourne and her sister, Hayden Barnes. She is very good friends with Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake , Dr. Patrick Drake and his brother Dr. Her oldest childhood friend from before she came to Port Charles, back when she was in Middle School is Dr. Terry Randolph , she knew her back when she was a boy. She is frenemies with her former nemesis, Carly Corinthos.

After years of fighting each other for Jason's affection, Elizabeth and her former rival and nemesis, Sam Morgan have called a truce and are on friendly terms due to sharing kids with Jason. Even though her children live with her, she has shared custody with both fathers. She has proven herself to be the best mom over the years as she is completely dedicated into making her kids happy and healthy. To her the child always comes first. On September 14, , Elizabeth finds out that Hayden Barnes, a woman she despises, is her half sister via an affair that her father had with Naomi Dreyfus.

Since finding out, the two have gotten closer and are starting to care for each other. When Elizabeth initially arrived in Port Charles, she was a rebel, who soon developed a crush on Lucky Spencer , but Lucky had a crush on her sister, Sarah, who had a crush on Lucky's brother, Nikolas.

Elizabeth did continue to pursue Lucky despite his crush on Sarah. She is went so far as to invite him the the Valentine's Day dance at their school. Elizabeth's life changed forever on the night of the school Valentine's Day dance. Walking through the park on her way home, Elizabeth was attacked from behind by a stranger and violently raped. It was Lucky who became a pillar of support and helped her in her quest to find the identity of her rapist.

At one point she tracked down the wrong man and accidentally stabbed Lucky in her attempt to seek justice. Lucky forgave her and he teamed up with Nikolas to rescue both Elizabeth and Emily after the man that had raped Elizabeth held both young women at gunpoint. By this time Elizabeth and Lucky realized that they were deeply in love with each other and set their sights on a future together.

Elizabeth was surprised when Lucky suggested she attend an art school in New York City. She was hesitant, until Lucky promised that he would go to New York with her. Lucky surprised Elizabeth when he bought her a new dress and hinted at a big Valentine's Day surprise. When Valentine's Day arrived, Lucky took Elizabeth to a romantic empty church and they vowed to love each other forever.

In April , Liz was grief-stricken when Lucky was presumed dead after his apartment caught fire. In the months ahead, Liz became close friends with Jason Morgan , who helped her deal with the loss of her first love. In , Luke and Laura discovered that Lucky was alive.

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He had been held captive by Helena Cassadine and brainwashed into believing that he did not love Elizabeth. Lucky pretended to love Elizabeth because he still cared about her happiness, and they became engaged. The wedding was called off after she realized this. Elizabeth moved on and quickly fell in love with and married Ric Lansing. Elizabeth discovers she is pregnant but she miscarries, leading Ric to blame it on his brother, Sonny Corinthos. Elizabeth divorces Ric after she discovers he was planning on stealing Sonny and Carly Corinthos ' unborn child.

When Elizabeth is blinded temporarily, she sleeps with Zander Smith , who dies soon after. Ric agrees to raise the child as his own and the couple renew their vows but she divorces him after she notices his obsession with Sonny. In , Lucky and Elizabeth began their romance again. After a car accident, Elizabeth miscarried. Lucky helped her through her pain, and they began a rocky marriage. Elizabeth was kidnapped by Manny Ruiz in , and Jason rescued her once again. In , Lucky became addicted to painkillers and began an affair with Maxie Jones , his pill supplier.

Elizabeth discovered Lucky's infidelity, sought comfort from Jason Morgan , and became pregnant. Lucky, believing the baby was his, went to rehab while he and Elizabeth divorced. A paternity test revealed that Jason fathered her unborn child. Elizabeth kept the truth a secret to protect the child from Jason's dangerous lifestyle and to keep Lucky from suffering devastation that she believed would cause him to relapse. After Lucky completed rehab, Elizabeth remarried him. Emily Quartermaine Elizabeth's best friend and Jake's godmother knew that Jason was Jake's dad and she also knew that Jake was her nephew.

When Jake is kidnapped, Lucky blamed Elizabeth, thinking she harmed the boy. Jason is the only one who believed her when she said she didn't. While Jake is missing, Elizabeth is tormented by Sam McCall , and it is later revealed that she saw the kidnapping and kept quiet about it. Jason finds Jake and returns him to Elizabeth. Lucky is bitter and has Jason arrested. Lucky and Elizabeth's marriage is strained. Knowing that Sam wants to seduce him, Lucky takes a job as her bodyguard. On the day Jason admits his love to Elizabeth, Sam hired men from her TV studio set to threaten Elizabeth and her boys in the park.

Jason thinks it's best if no one knows he is Jake's father. Sam and Lucky begin an affair to get back at Jason and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Lucky divorced again. In November , during the Black and White Ball, Lucky discovered the truth about Jake's paternity and agreed to keep the paternity a secret to protect Jake. After Emily Quartermaine's death and funeral, Jason and Elizabeth began a brief secret relationship. They became engaged, but Jason later decided that his job was too dangerous for Elizabeth and her children, and he called off their relationship.

Elizabeth decided to fight to be in Jason's life, but he was adamant that he could not give her what she deserves. Jason invited Elizabeth to go with him to Italy, but after he witnessed the shooting of Sonny's fiancee, Kate Howard , Jason once again feared for Elizabeth's safety and tried to use this incident to scare her into abandoning a relationship with him.

In November , a mob war began heating up in Port Charles. Lucky asked Jason to agree to send Elizabeth and the boys, along with Sam , to hide in a cabin. During a shootout between Sam and Elizabeth with Russian mobsters, Jake was kidnapped for a second time.

Elizabeth Webber

Jason ended up safely returning Jake after he was saved by Sam. After this close call, Jason and Elizabeth agreed that they must stay apart to protect the boys. Elizabeth shoots and kills a Russian man to protect, herself, Sam and her boys On January 15, , Elizabeth was poisoned while assisting in surgery. Lucky stayed by her bedside and promised to be there for her boys if she did not make it. An explosion that caused a fire led to an evacuation of the hospital. Although Elizabeth wanted him to leave with her, Lucky stayed behind to help. They kissed goodbye before Elizabeth was put on the helicopter.

Lucky was later reunited with Elizabeth at Mercy hospital. When Emily's twin sister, Rebecca Shaw arrives in town, Nikolas begins to get infatuated with her. Rebecca pursues Lucky but the two end their relationship after a request from Nikolas. Elizabeth and Nikolas begin drinking at Jake's and their dates eventually led to one-night-stands, despite Elizabeth dating Lucky.

Lucky and Elizabeth get engaged in September , after Jake was nearly run over by Edward Quartermaine. Elizabeth tries to end things with Nikolas, but they soon are having an affair. Lucky's father, Luke, finds out though, and tries to convince Elizabeth to be truthful with Lucky. Rebecca also finds out, and tries to blackmail Elizabeth into breaking up with Lucky. When she refuses, Rebecca goes to Lucky's house to tell him, only to get hit by Nikolas on accident. When Elizabeth comes to the hospital, trying to stop Rebecca from saying anything to Lucky, she finds out that her brother, Steven Webber , is the new Chief of Staff at General Hospital.

Steven tries to help her deal with Lucky and Nikolas, and so does her friend, Robin Scorpio. Nikolas decides to leave town, but Elizabeth stops him. When he makes plans again, he and Elizabeth end up sleeping together while saying goodbye. Lucky walks in on them making love and professing their love for one another. He starts drinking and when Elizabeth confronts him about this, he tells Elizabeth that he knows about her and Nikolas.

He breaks off the engagement, and Elizabeth is devastated and becomes depressed. Elizabeth has two meltdowns at the hospital, which eventually lead to her being suspended by Nikolas. One night, Elizabeth goes back to the church where she and Lucky made their vows as teenagers, wanting to get back the happy times of her life. She falls asleep there, and ends up passing out. Lucky finds her there and brings her into the hospital, where she is treated for hypothermia. At the hospital, Elizabeth finds out she is pregnant, but doesn't know who the father is.

She ends up on the roof of the hospital, trying to kill herself. Lucky manages to find her and convinces her to not punish herself forever. However, this incident makes Lucky, Nikolas, and Steven realize that Elizabeth's in serious trouble, and they end up sending her to Shadybrook for treatment. There, she confides to Steven that she believes Nikolas is her unborn baby's father.

Nikolas' evil grandmother, Helena Cassadine , finds out and comes to Shadybrook to claim the "Cassadine heir. She comes back later and threatens to take Elizabeth's sons away from her to deem her an unfit mother. Fortunately, Lucky appears, gun in hand, and tells Helena to leave Elizabeth alone.

He decides to be Elizabeth's protector against Helena. Elizabeth is visibly hurt by the way she abused Lucky's trust, and he decides to tell her he forgives her to help her get better. Nikolas comes over after Lucky leaves, and tells Elizabeth he loves her and wants a future with her. Elizabeth refuses, because she wants Lucky back. Nikolas tells her that it may not happen, because there is a very good chance she is carrying Nikolas's baby.

Elizabeth then claims that he's trying to get her back by using this baby, and points out the fact that he hardly pays attention to the child he has. Nikolas doesn't deny this, but says he'll change that and maybe she can help him. He later shows Elizabeth a paternity test that can be done early in the pregnancy.

Elizabeth tells him she'll consider it. Lucky comes back and is honest with her, tellig her why he forgave her and that he knows their relationship is over for good. Elizabeth decides then to take the early paternity test. Unknown to all three, Helena has arranged for the tests to be tampered with in case Nikolas is proven not to be the father.

Nikolas brings Cameron and Jake over to to visit Elizabeth on March 1, Elizabeth has a therapy session with her friend, Dr.

Franco & Elizabeth's First Date Part 1 of 4 ~ GH

Lainey Winters, which Nikolas and Lucky attend. When left alone, Elizabeth admits to Lainey she wasn't sure what she wanted before, but now she knows she wants Lucky back. However, outside her room, Lucky tells Nikolas he hopes that Nikolas is the father of the baby, because he realizes that his and Elizabeth's relationship is over. The paternity results reveal that Nikolas is the father of Elizabeth's baby, but unknown to anybody, Helena had the results switched and Lucky is the biological father of the baby.

Elizabeth goes back to work, but has trouble concentrating, so Steven assigns her to the Oncology wing, where she meets Shirley Smith , a terminal cancer patient who wishes to spend the remaining few months of her life enjoying herself. Elizabeth cannot seem to find anything happy in her life at the time, and gets a new perspective on life from Shirley. The next few months is a battle with both Nikolas and Helena, who both threaten to take the baby away from her when it's born and try to convince her to move to Wyndemere.

Lucky comes to her rescue with Helena, and later Nikolas kicks her out of Wyndemere. Elizabeth gets jealous when she sees Maxie hanging out with Lucky, but Lucky later sets her straight about the two of them and how they will not be together again. With some coaxing from Shirley and this firm declaration, Elizabeth resolves her differences with Nikolas and agrees to let him be a part of their baby's life.

Nikolas is happy that she has come around and also acknowledged her mistakes in their affair, assuring her she's not the only one to blame. Despite medication, Elizabeth's labor doesn't stop. Unknown to Nikolas or Elizabeth, Lucky is outside the delivery room after Maxie informs him that Elizabeth was admitted. She gives birth to a baby boy with Nikolas by her side. They name the baby Aiden Cassadine and both parents happily bond with their son.

When Nikolas hires Brook Lynn as his professional escort, Elizabeth becomes jealous. She begins going to Wyndemere with Aiden to visit Nikolas and arranges play dates for the three of them. One time, she goes over and finds Brook Lynn asleep in Nikolas's arms. Another time, after Nikolas and Brook Lynn shared their first kiss, she comes over to see Nikolas and finds Brook Lynn making plans for a night in Manhatten with Nikolas.

When Nikolas comes in, Elizabeth tells him that she made a doctor's appointment for Aiden. Nikolas asks what's wrong and she says he probably just has an ear infection. She tells him it's not important, but he insists on coming with them. Brook Lynn suggests the reason that Aiden is being fussy is because Elizabeth is messing with his routine. Nikolas and Elizabeth end up taking him to General Hospital where Aiden's pediatrician tells them that Aiden is fine and just cutting a tooth.

She gets the results back on the 17, but before she finishes reading the results, she realizes that her other son Jake, is missing. Jake had run out of the house and got hit by a car. Elizabeth finds him and he is rushed to the hospital. She immediately calls Lucky and he comes rushing to her side to comfort her.

Patrick and Robin work hard to save him, but the injuries Jake sustained are too great and he loses all brain function on the operating table, while his biological father, Jason, watches from the observation window. Jason breaks the news to Lucky, who then went and broke the news to a devastated Elizabeth. Elizabeth is heart-broken for months but gets help from Robin, Steve, and Olivia. Lucky was very happy, but Nikolas wasn't. He didn't believe Liz or Lucky. He then left with his other son Spencer. Elizabeth is later informed by Dr.


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Matt Hunter that she was the one who made a potentially fatal mistake during Siobhan Spencer 's emergency surgery, injecting the wrong medication into Siobahn's IV, which caused her blood pressure to drop. The hospital board reviews the mistake, and taking into account Elizabeth's flawless record before this and the traumatic death of her son Jake, decide to suspend her for three months. Elizabeth, having feared she would lose her job, is relieved. However, Siobahn sees Elizabeth's relief and promises to make her pay.

Siobhan serves Elizabeth with a malpractice suit and names everyone in the case except for Matt, because he was the one who saved her life after Elizabeth's mistake. However, Lucky persuades Siobhan to drop the lawsuit against Elizabeth and the hospital. Lucky and Elizabeth then spend family time with Cameron and Aiden, but tensions between Elizabeth and Siobhan still run high. When Robin becomes the new Chief of Staff at the hospital, she lets Elizabeth come back to work, but restricts her duties to the nurses' desk only. Siobhan is livid that the hospital let Elizabeth return and reconsiders the lawsuit.

When Lucky's cover as a drug dealer is blown, Elizabeth finds him delirious and in bad shape. When she leaves to go retrieve medication to counteract his delusions, a hallucinating Lucky runs off to the church where he and Elizabeth took their vows in Meanwhile, Elizabeth gets into a confrontation with Siobhan, and Siobhan falls down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth rushes Siobhan to the hospital, but while trying to simultaneously drive and keep Siobhan conscious, she collides with another car, in which Jason and Carly were rushing to find Carly's daughter Josslyn. Elizabeth is the only person unharmed in the accident.

Elizabeth sees Dante at the hospital, realizes where Lucky went and races off to help him. She injects Lucky with medicine to counteract the drugs he was given.