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Welcome to the South, I suppose.

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New Orleans is a tourist hot spot, making it harder to weed out those actually living here. I may or may not have experienced a Saints player pop-up on my Tinder page.

The pros and cons of Tinder in the Big Easy – Via Nola Vie

No, we were not a match. Tinder gets a bad rep for being a hook-up app. Yet how is it any different from drinking a few too many and meeting potential matches at a local bar?

Although it might sound shallow, creepy and borderline stalker-ish, I actually believe there are certain benefits to Tinder. Does this content look wrong? Click here to report any errors. And always remember that these online dating applications are first and foremost a business!

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The objective of these sites is to find you a mate, but their intention is to make money. In order to do so, they must devise tactics that make you need to stay on their site.

Keep that in mind! Lastly, the online-dating industry is an overly saturated market. Here is an eclectic group of different dating apps for all fish looking to swim in a new sea.

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When you mutual match, this app organizes a group date for you that consists of drinks between your friends and theirs. When you sign into your location, the app asks you your agenda: The app plans date activities, offering discounts of up to 75 percent.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans - REAL & UNCUT

This app caters to an older crowd, with profiles designed to appeal to sophisticated professionals. It also offers personalized services, matching users interested in similar or complementary ways. The company also owns eHarmony and Tinder, which are just a couple of its several acquisitions. This website-turned-app allows users to set up online profiles for free with new matches delivered daily.

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More comprehensive features require a membership subscription, such as the ability to see who has checked out your profile stalk much? Regardless of whether my night started at 10 p. I walked through the city and rode the streetcars, drenched and frizzy-haired damn the humidity! And I was open and inspired by the out sexuality all around me, not just when you cross the so-called Lavender Line at St. I noticed more same-sex couples kissing than ever before. Several of them told me they were honeymooners.

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As I walked Bourbon Street, the apex of sex trade in the city, I really watched for the first time the men and women outside the adult venues and strip clubs meant to entice you in. And I saw myself.

The pros and cons of Tinder in the Big Easy

Rather, I saw middle-aged women like myself, tarted up, yes, but au naturale as well. But in New Orleans, realistic women were outside and inside the clubs, dancing along the requisite flawless year-olds, garnering as much attention and adulation working acrobatics on the pole routines so perfected over two decades that young men and women sat mesmerized , or twerking on the sidewalk with customers following them inside as though they were the Pied Piper of ass.

I see something else: I see myself, desirable with my flaws born from four decades of living, a sexual creature who can have even more orgasms than I did, with less baggage, at 20 or 30, as long as I slow down long enough for them to, um, come.