Dating your sisters ex husband

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Contact Us - LoveShack. Add Thread to del. Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Is it ok to date your sister's ex? I'm going to say I wouldn't but that's me. SF Bay Area Posts: I don't think I am going to my sister's wedding. My boyfriend is my sister's ex. At all or ever. You have bsicly chose this guy who hurt your sister over your family. Be prepared to have no sister when it's all said and done.

And no guy's worth that. Try to put yourself in your sister's position. You were married to the man you are seeing now for x amount of time. You are in love with him. Did you meet him through your sister or did you know him before? If you met him through your sister, then he has been around family gatherings or other functions.

Now, for some reason he and your sister split after x amount of marriage time. Then, your sister dates him. Wouldn't that make you think that the entire time you were married to this guy your sister was trying to steal him from you? Or, how she trusted you with him and you threw away your blood for a man that is probably going to dump you as well? I mean, why would your sister leave him if he was any good?

Or, why would you want someone that can hurt your sister that much and think he won't do the same to you? Then, have you put any thought that maybe you are just the second best piece of the pie? You have sloppy seconds.

Is it wrong to marry your sister's ex-husband?

In either case, I think your sister has the right to be mad at you. Especially if she was still in love with him when you decided to go for him. Maybe he is trying to replace your sister for you. Or maybe if you knew him before your sister even met him he really wanted to be with you. Did he leave her for you or just didn't work out? In any case, in my own opinion, I think you are in the wrong. Though, I talked about this with my husband.

He brought up a very good point.

If you didn't do anything for the marriage to end, or try to make the marriage end so you can have what you want, then you didn't do anything wrong. You got with him because you found you love him, it would be the same if you were only the woman's friend and you found that you and your friend's ex are both in love with other. I think you should have asked your sister if she was all right with it if you had a relationship with your sister, and maybe didn't go into it as fast as you probably did.

I think you should be a little weary though. Men come and go way too quickly. Y ou know your wrong! You should be dissappointed in yourself. How much respect does he have for you? Not to mention that if he did that to your sister his ex-wife what messed up crap will he do to you. Then who is gonna be there to help u heal? SOmething to think about. Y es'm, it is wrong. I don't think I need to elaborate, since everyone else did, but you're wrong.

I think you know why, because everyone else explained it so well. Y es you are wrong. You should have never went down that road. If you want any chance of getting your family back you have to leave him and admit your mistake to them. H ey dont feel bad.. Yahoo Answers Is A Fraud.

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I think dating your sister's ex could be classified as adultery, as it said in the bible, I think. Highlander is semi-retired from AB. L ate at night when you are alone, look at yourself in the mirror, into the eyes. If you can do this for 2 minutes, you will have your answer. H ow could you do such a thing to your sister you are a monster with no feelings at all and your Family should not talk to you at all how could they forgive you even if they said they did they won't in Gods eyes you have you have been taking over by Satan and if you do not end it you will fry you should have know better this man could be using you to get back at your sister and you are just a pawn in his game i hope your sister does not have any kids by this man because if she does you are hurting them to and i hope your sister if she does has kids by this man don't ever let him see them again because of you being around and messing up there heads you are a sad person in this life when you do this to your own family how would you feel if your sister had done this to you with your ex you say you love him well you don't know what love is because you sure don't love your family.

Y ou have to live with yourself and your guilt for the rest of your life. Family should come first always before any man.

Y es you betrayed sister, this is similar to what happened between Denise Richards and Heather Locklear. Y es, just the fact that you had to ask us shows me that you aren't secure in your choice to see him. Usually our heart knows the answer even when our mind disagrees.

Can a Friend Date Your Ex?

You love your sister too. If he loves you also, he wouldn't allow you to put yourself in a place that if something happened to him you wouldn't have the love and support of your family. If he loves you, he would show respect for your sister. If you love yourself and want to look in the mirror each morning and be truly happy, to-the-bone happy, you have to honor your sister also. Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to act on that love. Ask anyone who's been married 50 years. There are temptations in life that are destructive.

We have to stay away from these. Just run, don't walk, the other way! And quit needing a hero Girls have power too! As my daughter would say! Y ou can't help who you love I guess it's all a question of what you feel in your heart is right. If I was in your situation and my sister was that upset with me I don't think I could go through with the relationship, but every person has to do what is right for them and what makes them the happiest without worrying what other people think to some extent.

You have to decide whether or not it's worth it. H a - are you wrong? Do you feel you are wrong for dating the man your sister shared the "till death do us part" vow with? Do you feel wrong for being with the same man your sister was in love with and he with her? I don't have any sisters but I have a few best friends and one thing we all agree on no matter how much time has passed and no matter where we may be - NEVER date anyone that any of us have loved - That is just an unspoken rule we all have.

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Y ou have no family value. I hope you are not capable of murdering your parents. I s it wrong to love him? But he and your sister were together, and divorced, no matter who was at fault or not in love. I'm not going to say you're a bad person as the majority have. I doubt that's the case.

I don't think it wise to date him, since your sister and he are no longer together. I think if you had asked your sister when the "dating" possibility had come up, and she said it was ok, then neither she or your family would have reason for not talking to you. Even if they all know better, that MAY be how your family are looking at it. Obviously this is hurting your sister, or she would still be talking to you.

Obviously your family feels this is a mistake, whether because of why your sister and he broke up, or just because you're her sister, and they feel HER pain, so can't feel your enjoyment. It doesn't matter that "you can't help who you love". But if anything happens between you, you will NOT have their shoulders to cry on. Because of all that, love him or not, my suggestion would be that while it's not really wrong no one was married here If you really loved your family, you wouldn't have started dating him without at least talking to them and asking your sister what she thought.

AND, if he really loved you, he would see what's happening, and back out gracefully. While it might break your and maybe his heart s to break up, you should. Your family is more important than ANY man. It will be tough to apologize to your sister and family, and it may be a while before you're forgiven. But if you can get sis back, the family will follow, I'm sure. Good luck, either way you decide.

I hope it works out for you. Your family is there when you're born and there when you die. Often the only ones. I am going to put my opinion in a different way. I personally do not date my sister's ex boyfriends. I would definitely not ever marry my brother-in-law. Y es, this action that you've taken is completly wrong! Your sister once loved this man, and for whatever reason they got divorced; you should leave him alone!

Dating your sibling's ex

There is plenty of men out there to choose from, but I say, "let that nice man come your way". If something ended up happening to you, it would be your family that would come to your rescue first and that includes your sister! In my eyes, family comes first before anybody!


Y ou might have messed up a bit by not talking this through with your sister before you jumped into a relationship with the man, but you're not entirely wrong. My sister dated my high school sweetheart lived together for several years and all that jazz, probably a six-year relationship total after we broke up the final time.

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